Hello there Reader!! A quick welcome from me - Sushrith. This website gives a download of how my professional & personal journey has been and how I plan to shape it in the future.

I hail from Korutla a small town of Telangana, India. Most of my childhood was spent in Korutla. I was fascinated & quite decent at Math. Being proud with my performance at Math I've decided to pursue my carrier in Engineering. After 2 years of rigorous Pre University education, I was able to crack an admission to one of prestigious colleges in India. I've graduated my bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering Sciences in 2016. I've decided to start my professional journey after graduating. I had a small stint (~4 months) at Entransys Pvt Ltd an Analytics firm based on Hyderabad. Post my short stint I was able to crack my way into Amazon as Data Analyst. It's been 4.5 years with Amazon and I've learnt a lot both technically as well as on the business front. I'm currently working as Business Intelligence Engineer with Loss Prevention team of Amazon India.

On personal front, I enjoy watching Football(Manchester United the favourite), Indian Cricket team(Bhuvneshwar Kumar the favourite), F1 (Pierre Gasly the favourite). I'm an avid fan of Sitcoms(Friends, TBBT, BB99, HIMYM, The Office). I am not a fitness freak but I am into cardiovascular activities like hiking, cycling. I'm also into playing sports (Badminton, Football, Cricket) if not for pandemic.